Our Mission


GRAINPAD is a body dedicated to performing and promoting research, innovation and progress in the fields of genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, physics, astronomy and 3D bio-printing and everything connected to them specially to promote healthcare and improve the quality of life of all humans and every living being on earth and beyond. It wishes to take us all to a better and higher level of being and to make planet earth a better place to live on. GRAINPAD wishes to take humanity to the next level.

Solutions and Technologies we work on:

Chatbot Development & Design

Using humanly pleasing design and natural language processing as well as generation our experts have invented a chatbot for ZiNi. She is also up for becoming the 1st multi-linguistic speech to speech bot in India.


Computer Vision

Computer Vision

This technology helps machines understand images in a way humans do and has enormous applications. Ranging from understanding Medical images in healthcare to seeing people and vehicles on the road and taking appropriate actions in self driving cars, the technology offers infinite possibilities.

Natural Language Processing & Generation

This technology helps machines understand commands and sentences spoken by a human in a natural language and speech flow. Identifying the intent , context and topic of a command or discussion and taking appropriate action based on that. Used in all kinds of Chatbots and Automation tools these days.

Language Processing

Health Care

Automating healthcare Services

Our experts from various domains including medical, engineering and mechatronics are actively working on developing new innovations and solutions for the healthcare sector and solve a bunch of existing problems. Our AI based chatbot named ZINI and the healthcare Bot named ROBODOC are a few of those innovations in Progress.

Automating Hospital Managements and Processes

Our team has been actively involved in developing solutions that can automate OPD Processes in any clinic or hospital and hence not only help save time of both patients and doctors but also enhance both the efficacy and quality of services.

Automating Hospitals



Robotics and automation are fields with active progress and evolution going on industry wide. Many tasks that are not safe for humans or involve same repetitive tasks can be easily automated and save both time and money to companies as well as reduce risk on human life and health


Drone Technologies

In Pipeline, We are actively looking into proceeding our involvement in the use and distribution of drones in various domains.

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Drone Technologies

AI and Machine learning

AI and Machine learning

Although a high level term, we are using multiple domains of the field of study to solve problems in healthcare and other industries actively.